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Welcome to Little Moran Hunt Club and Double Gun Bird Hunts.

” Celebrating 27 years; Guided Bird Hunts in MN, SD and KS”

Greetings, Thanks for your interest in Double Gun Bird Hunts and Little Moran.

Below are links to two very nice ruffed grouse hunts done here at Little Moran, the fall is a special time of the year and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Benelli’s American Bird Hunter With Tom Knapp

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Grouse Hunt With Focus Outdoors ( )

We are a diverse business, offering wild upland bird hunts, dog training-breeding kennel and an outdoor lodge and retreat. Steve, an Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Guide ( and Purina Field Consultant found his profession in 1979, with a degree in wildlife management. Our bird hunts are 100% wild, hunting with a guide such as Steve at all our destinations you can rest assured the dogs, guides and hunt quality will be first class. It is this critera that Orvis stands by as well as a host of hunters from all over the country, many returning for 20+ years. It’s my personal guarantee!

It’s been a life time of bird dogs, bird hunts and a respect for the sport, creating a sportsman’s destination tucked away with-in the covers of central Minnesota. We are first and foremost a place for bird hunters and our dogs and secondly an escape for outdoor enthusiasts with birding, hiking and biking trails as they wind along the Little Moran stream.

“Grouse Creek Setters” is our registered kennel name hosting a string of setters that remain our best asset in all our bird hunts. These setters have proven themselves in our grouse covers and on the prairie. They are, stylish, exciting, well mannered and hunt for the gun giving hunters high quality shooting opportunities. Pups, started and finished dogs are often available.

Training since 1979 we train all breeds of gun dogs, however we do specialize in pointing breeds. Our training grounds are as diverse as the birds we hunt. We train in grouse covers in Minnesota until mid summer, then we move our string to South Dakota for training on prairie birds and pheasant until our hunting begins. January through mid March we train on our Kansas leases working dogs on quail, nothing could be more diverse. You can learn more about our dogs and training program on the Grouse Creek Setters tab.

Double Gun Bird Hunts:  100% WILD UPLAND BIRD HUNTS

While training for Burnt Creek Setters it became apparent of how the setter got it’s claim to fame in grouse covers. They consistently pointed grouse with style and finesse. It was then we began guiding friends and guiding at the Grand Nat’l Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunt and the Grand Nat’l Quail Hunt in Enid, OK…..we’ve evolved from there.

The grouse camp started in 1987 with a string of 6 setters and a reputation for providing hunters with unmatched ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting. During this time is when Steve gained the reputation as the “Grouseman” always handling a brace of setters and offering a string of grouse dogs which proved to be some of the best in the Minnesota north-woods.

Today we have expanded our bird hunts to Montana, South Dakota, Kansas and Oklahoma. It is our policy of only 2 hunters per guide and use of double guns only. Join us as our setters sweep the grouse covers of Mn and roll through the prairie’s of KS and OK. Click the “Upland Hunts” tab for complete information.

Our ” Double Gun Bird Hunts” are professionally guided Wild Bird, Bird Hunts. Our hunting destinations are located in MN, SD, KS and OK with a string of well trained English Setters and thousands of acres of ideal upland habitat.

Find us at: Browns Hunting Ranch, Gettysburg SD,

Minnesota Hunts: October – November 1st hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock.

South Dakota: September 1st – September 25th:  Sharp-tail Prairie Chicken                                 November 1-mid December pheasant, sharp-tail, prairie chicken.

Kansas and Oklahoma: Hunting from January 1st through January 31st in KS

and though February 15th in OK. Dog training will continue through mid March where we guide out of Busters Outfitters





Little Moran – Preserve Pheasant Hunts:  In 1984 the hunt club was founded on the “Grossman” family farm of 200 acres. Today we hunt on 320 acres of Taylor made cover. In 2011 we were honored to host the English Cocker Nat’l Championship, our cover, birds and facility all contributing factors in choosing us. We are a semi private club, where members receive dining, lodging and scratch hunting discounts with year round use of all facilities. Hunting begins in early September continuing through May where pheasant and chukar partridge are hunted. Hunts are self guided or one of our guides and their dogs are available. We offer a full dining menu with seating for 50 in the Granary and Drumming log dining rooms as well as our “Thunder Chicken Tavern”, lodging for groups up to 26. Here too you can find more information about our memberships and pheasant club by going to the Hunt Club tab.






Browns Hunting Ranch – Gettysburg, South Dakota ;

Imagine a tornado of mallards funneling into a stubble field to feed at dusk, only to find the tornado of birds are sharp-tail going to feed, not mallards. I’ve seen it, all west river in South Dakota along the Missouri and the mouth of the Cheyenne Rivers. At Browns we own/lease 100,000+ acres of native prairie, rolling plains and crop land.

All our bird hunts are on 100% wild birds, the hunt is challenging, not only in shooting, but the terrain as well. The hunts are not for the faint of heart, to hunt wild birds we have to hunt where they live, and at times a short walk can turn into miles, this is hunting…not shooting. The rewards however, are great!

We provide the ultimate upland bird hunters bird hunt. Watch our setters, pointers or your own canine companions sweep the South Dakota prairie in search of sharp-tail, prairie chicken and Hungarian partridge. The beauty here is the never ending sky that serves as the back drop for such an incredible spectacle, totally breath taking.

We cast our dogs on a big prairie slope, they lace through the prairie with effortless grace, only to loose them over a bluff, waiting their return the seconds turn into minutes, we keep walking…no return, wondering if… are they pointing or???…We reach the reach the top of a bluff, hoping….as we crest the bluff, our eyes searching…we see them staunch and proud….one with a perfect find, and the other complimenting it’s brace-mate backing a respectable distance as not to interfere, but to say, great job.  As we approach to flush a small flock of sharpies erupt from the sparse prairie grass…time stops, guns are fired, it was a blur….it’s a priceless moment.


Our pheasant hunts are also as good as it gets, with a late October opening day. We offer all wild bird hunts, and also an extended season hunt, depending on our hunters.

Browns offer first class outdoor adventures the facilities and ammenities match our trips, assuring you first rate quality on all our hunts from the hunts, themselves to our staff, lodging and meals.  for a  complete list of all the Browns Hunting Ranch can offer please go to


In all our “bird hunts” it is our goal to provide you with these priceless moments. Fall days are very short and are held tight to the chest…they are cherished. Our mission has always been “quality” over quanity, we not only feel it, we live it. Our hunts are for those who seek the “Real Deal”, there’s nothing counterfit here.